How to Eliminate Skulled Shots from Your Game Once and for All

A skulled shot is usually the product of the bottom of the clubface hitting the ball as opposed to the sweet spot of the clubface doing so. It’s made during chipping shots and can really ruin your short game if not addressed appropriately.

This shot seems to have four major causes which we will discuss below. All four of these causes are subtle habits that creep into your swing unnoticed. Left unchecked, skulled shots can become a habitual error that’s tough to identify without the correct advice.

An inside backswing

It’s hard to pick it up in yourself, so perhaps ask someone to watch you take a swing and tell you whether or not you are coming too much inside on the downswing. If you are, work on getting it straightened out, because it’s likely the reason you are hitting skulled shots. You will have to train yourself to consciously hit straighter shots, or inside downswings may soon become a bad habit that’s hard to get rid of.

Less is more

When it comes to chip shots, one mustn’t be too hasty approaching the shot. Instead of opting for distance, a good strategy can sometimes be to sacrifice distance for accuracy. Trying too hard to gain distance on your chip shot will often lead to an erroneous swing that culminates into a skulled shot. Instead, take a steady, short swing and get your ball to a place where it can be reworked into something beneficial to your game. Sometimes in golf, less really is more.

Chip the grass instead of the ball

Take a few practice shots and see if your clubface is reaching the correct point. Gauge this by snipping the top of the grass. If you do so successfully, you can be confident that your ball will be struck at the right point. A few practice shots later, take the swing and keep your head down the same way you would during a dummy swing.

Should you initiate a follow through?

Whether or not a follow through should be exercised on a chip shot is a debated topic among some. When in doubt, watch the professionals. The consensus between professionals seems to be that a follow through when chipping is more of a hindrance than a help. If you are hitting skulled shots, try chipping with a shorter (or no) follow through, as this seems to lend more control to many players.