How to Deal with Deep Rough Chip Shots in Golf Successfully

Being successful in hitting good chip shots in golf includes having good accuracy. This means you need to pay attention to how you approach the shot. You also need to be confident in your abilities to be able to do your best. Many golfers get intimated when they examine the situation and see how the greens bury the ball. You need to identify errors commonly made when golfers hit the shot and fail to get good results. For instance, some swing too hard while others hit the ball with not enough energy behind it and it falls short. Here are some tips to help you deal with deep rough chip shots.

  • Choose a club to help you; something high lofted such as a sand wedge or pitching wedge. You need to get your club head through thick grass; this aspect of play is important. You need to think about what club will help you get the job done with the loft you need.
  • You may produce a shot shape different than you normally see. More roll with less spin. You want something that will produce longer distance. This helps you try to get the ball to roll closer to the hole.
  • Get better control by gripping down on your iron. Learn to achieve good feel for chip shots. You may need stronger grip due to thicker grass to achieve good control. Be careful of your grip and remember this element may help you swing better, but you may not have to swing as hard.
  • Weight shift should occur toward your left foot when ball is played from your back stance. Your hands should be forward when addressing ball. Good weight shift will help you achieve balance necessary for hitting deep rough chip shots.
  • A smooth swing should be produced. Lead club head through your shot. This will help you follow through thoroughly with your backswing. A smooth swing will help you get the club to follow through behind the ball with ease.
  • Remember grass height may vary from one course to another or from one area of the course to another area. As you keep this in mind you may need to make slight adjustments to how you approach the play.
  • Take your shot quickly but don’t waste time thinking about it too much.