How to Plan Your Golf Vacation in Portugal

It is hard to think of many golf destinations more inviting than taking a trip to Portugal. There are plenty of great golf courses around Portugal, including those in the popular Algarve region in the southern part of the country. For those who have never visited Portugal, taking a trip to enjoy the beautiful golf courses in addition to everything else that the country has to offer is an exciting opportunity. It is important that you have a good process for planning your trip to make sure you are able to hit all of the spots you are interested in.

To start the process of planning your Portugal golf trip, consider the helpful tips below –

  • Make a list of potential courses. Using the internet as a resource, make a list of the potential golf courses that you would like to play. You can use reviews from golf websites to decide what courses you are interested in, or simply look at a map and identify the options within a specific geographic area. With this list in hand, you can start looking at prices and availability for the courses and narrow down your selection to a specific few.
  • What time of year? One of the first elements of your trip that you should try to settle is what time of year you are going to plan on traveling. This is important because it will affect the rates that you are able to get for both hotels and golf courses. Picking a season for your trip should be based on your own personal schedule, as well as the kind of weather that you would like to have when you are in Portugal.
  • How much golf do you want to play? It might sound impossible, but you can actually play too much golf on a vacation. To schedule the right amount of golf to have a great trip, start by determining how many nights you are going to be staying in Portugal. For most people, playing golf most days – but not every day – is the right formula for a great trip. For example, if you are going to stay in Portugal for seven nights, consider booking five rounds of golf with a day off in the middle of the week somewhere. This will give you time to enjoy some of the activities and sights around Portugal, and will also give your body a chance to rest before you head back onto the course.