Golf Lessons: 5 Simple Fixes To Your Putting Faults

Face facts

Arguably the most common mistake in putting—albeit the easiest to correct—is not holding the putting face square against the ball. The slightest twist in your club will result in the ball rolling towards the wrong direction. Probably the hardest part of correcting this mistake is keeping the face square during the entire process of pulling the club back and pushing it forward. But just remaining conscious of this will help you to recognize this mistake and improve on it.

Rushing into things

An overlooked mistake many golfers make is that they don’t take the time to analyze their putting shot. Making a hasty decision on instinct will usually result in a missed putt. Golf is strategic and putting is like the end game in a chess match. Take an extra minute or two to really gauge in all the factors that will contribute to your putt. Wind, aim, inclines and distance should all be carefully considered before you even step up to the ball.

Aim for the ‘pop’

The perfect putt always makes a ‘pop’ sound. If you aren’t hearing this distinct sound, analyze your putt and see where you’re going wrong. Are you connecting the ball too low? Are you steering the ball instead of standing correctly from the start? Or perhaps you aren’t following through. Correct any and all of these errors if you’re making them and aim for that ‘pop’ sound every time.

A gripping debate

You’ve seen golfers have a bit of fun at times and use their golf clubs as a pool cue to knock the ball into the hole. This is proof positive that a golf club is to be used in whatever way is comfortable to the player. Some golf instructors will take great pains in showing you gripping techniques for putting, but most will tell you to hold your putter in whatever way is comfortable. We also agree with the latter. So if you’re over thinking your grip, just revert back to whatever works for you.

Controlling putting distance

Lastly, you may also find that your putter isn’t ending up as far forward as it was pulled back. A way to control distance in putting is to gauge how far back you need to pull your putter in order to reach a certain distance. Then make sure you push your putter as forward as what it was pulled back. No more, and no less.