A Guide That Will Help You Shape Your Shots Properly

Shot shaping is a skill that many golfers think is out of their range of ability. Being able to command the ball to go from right-to-left or left-to-right whenever you need is an obvious advantage on the course – but it takes some skill and practice to add to your game. Don’t assume that you aren’t good enough to shape your shots to suit the hole you are playing. In fact, most golfers would benefit from just trying to learn this skill. Because you have to be aware of the club face and the path of the club when shaping shots, it is useful to improve your standard swing as well as your ability to control various ball flights.

Try using the tips below during your next practice session to add the ability to shape shots to your arsenal –

  • Feel the club face. The direction the club face is pointing is the direction that the ball is going to head initially – so you need to learn how to feel the club face and understand where it is at all times during the swing. In order to develop this feel, try hitting some softer shots at the range with your longer clubs, and then increase the speed and power gradually. Hit a driver at about half speed and notice the feel you have for the club face. As you work your way up to full power, maintain that same feel and awareness.
  • Picture the shot. It is very difficult to hit a specific ball flight if you can’t first picture it and see how it is going to fly toward the target. Stand behind your ball prior to the shot and picture the flight you want to achieve as accurately as possible. Then, when you step up to the shot, try to keep that picture fresh in your mind and make a swing that sends the ball on that path.
  • Rehearse the curves. Most golfers try to stand on the driving range and hit the ball straight – when very few golf shots ever fly truly straight. Instead, work on controlling the curve of your ball in both directions. If you can curve it to the right and to the left on command, and control the amount of curve you get, the golf course will suddenly present less of a challenge to you.