Hitting a Spinning Pitch in Golf

One of the shots that the pros hit that most amateurs are jealous of is the spinning pitch shot that takes one big bounce and then stops quickly on the green. It is not an easy shot to execute, but can be highly useful in certain situations. When you are able to add a lot of spin to the ball and get it to stop quickly on the green, you gain control over the shot and don’t have to rely on the pitch rolling out just right to get close to the hole.

If you want to add this shot to your list of options around the green, use the following tips.

  • Get a good lie. You aren’t going to be able to hit the spinning pitch shot without a clean lie on the short grass. If you find your ball in the long rough, there is no point to even trying to hit this shot, because the ball won’t come out with enough spin to make it happen. Most of the time, you will need to be in the fairway to consider trying this shot, although it might be possible from time to time out of the short rough depending on the lie that you get.
  • Use the right ball. You need to be using a golf ball that offers a high enough spin rate to stop quickly on the green. If you are using a ‘discount’ golf ball that is meant more for beginners than experienced players, you probably won’t be able to generate the right amount of spin – even if you hit the shot perfectly. Try using a higher-spin golf ball to give yourself a chance to pull off this impressive shot.
  • Use enough loft. Even though this isn’t a shot that travels very high in the air, you want to use a higher-lofted club to put more spin on the ball. Use your sand wedge or lob wedge and try to get the club to slide aggressively under the ball at impact, so you get as much spin as possible. This will take a confident swing, and perfect contact to hit correctly. When you first start practicing the shot, you are likely to hit quite a few bad ones in the process. Stick with it and keep working on your technique until you are able to consistently generate a shot that stops quickly after just one or two bounces.