How to Hit the Ball High in Golf: Simple Instructions

Hitting the ball high in golf is about understanding trajectory. This means you need to make some changes in how you grip your iron and how you follow through with your swing. A high ball can help you avoid hazards on the course such as trees and water. Once you have a good technique to help you it will make it easier to assist the ball as it lands on the green. Changing grips and adding length to your shot may be the most important elements in helping you hit a high ball. Here are simple instructions to help you develop a technique you can practice.

  • The clubface of your iron should be open to help lift the ball (increase loft). Your stance and the ball should be in line with each other. Sometimes an element like this is better understood with a photo or video demonstration. But if you can remember these elements and practice them you get a feel for what it should look like.
  • Most of your body weight should be on your back leg as you get ready to swing. Your shoulder should move lower. When your weight shifts to the back of your leg (ball of your feet) your shoulders should move in lower as you come down and swing.
  • At the backswing hinge wrists (more narrow swing with hinging of the wrist at the top). Right when you get to the top of the backswing your wrists should spring into action. This element sets you up to hit with more power without having to swing too hard.
  • Your hands should be high in the air when you follow through your swing. Your iron should follow through with the ball as it travels in the air. As you swing in from your backswing you make solid contact with the ball and move your arms forward and through into an upswing with the club following the path of the ball.
  • You can tee off the ball higher if you want your driver to swing higher. You can consider making adjustments to how you tee off with your ball. This may produce a better result if you are having problems getting good height with the ball.
  • The wind could affect your trajectory. Be mindful of the wind as you take your shot. You can use it to your advantage but if you hit harder the wind may carry the ball further than intended.