What is the Secret to a Proper Short Pitch Shot?

The short pitch shot is one that is played from 10 or 20 yards from the green, and is a shot that you should be able to consistently get close to the hole with some practice and improvement of your technique. If you are ever going to reach your scoring goals, pitching the ball well is likely to play a key part of that development. Taking two shots to get down from around the green – instead of three – is one of the things that pro golfers do so much better than their amateur counterparts.

There might not be one single ‘secret’ to a good short pitch shot, but there are some tips that you can use to improve your technique. Use the list below to work on your pitching and hopefully the ball will start settling closer to the hole in your very next round.

  • Steady head. One of the most important factors in a good pitch shot is making solid contact, and that all starts with the position of your head. Don’t let your head move around during the swing, and specifically don’t let it come up too early before impact. Keep your eyes on the ball and only look up to the hole once the shot is on its way toward the target.
  • Hands ahead of ball. Another key is hitting the shot with a downward angle of attack, meaning that your hand need to be ahead of the ball at impact. To help make sure this happens, set up for the shot with your hands ahead of the ball at address. From there, all you have to do is return to that same address position when you actually impact the ball and you shouldn’t have any trouble making good contact.
  • Pick a shot. Having a specific target in mind when you hit a pitch shot is very important. This spot should be somewhat short of the green so you can allow for a bounce and some roll up to the hole. The skill of picking a good landing spot for your pitch takes some time to perfect as it depends on a number of factors. After you get some experience hitting short pitch shots from a variety of positions around the green, you should notice that you get much better at picking the right spot to land your pitches.