How to hit a Good Punch Shot in Golf

Having a punch shot available to you when you need it out on the golf course is a great advantage. A punch shot is one that flies lower than usual, and it is useful in a variety of ways. You can use it to stay under an obstacle such as a tree, or you can hit it when the wind is right in your face and would adversely affect a high shot. Learning how to hit a good punch shot is easier than you might think, and you could start to get comfortable with it after just one or two sessions on the range.

Use the following tips to get started developing your own punch shot.

  • Swing softer. Many golfers make the mistake of swinging harder than usual when trying to hit a punch shot, thinking they need to really drive the ball through the air. In fact, the opposite is true. In order to keep the ball lower successfully, you want to swing softer so less backspin is imparted on the ball. Take enough club so that you are able to make a softer swing and still reach the target that you are aiming for.
  • Put the ball back in your stance. To take some loft off the club at impact, try moving the ball slightly back in your stance at address. However, when you do this, avoid the temptation to sway onto your back foot during the backswing, or you can easily get off balance. Keep your weight balanced between your feet and hit down confidently into the back of the ball. For a right handed golfer, putting the ball back in your stance may cause it to start out to the right farther than usual, so account for that in your pre-shot aim.
  • Quiet your hands. If you have successfully made the two adjustments above, you should be well-positioned to hit a low shot. However, if you use your hands too actively in the swing, you could ruin the work you have done and still end up with a shot that flies higher up into the air than you wanted. Make sure you keep your hands quiet during the swing and let the rotation of your body do all of the work. Once you get comfortable with this technique, you will find that it is actually a very simple swing which is required to hit a great punch shot.