How To Hit A Powerful 40-Yard Shot In Golf: A Quick Tutorial

A good pitch shot at 30 or 40 yards on the course requires some knowledge on ball trajectory. Overall, you are trying to get the ball in flight in a certain area on the green. This means a number of elements need to be in place before you hit the ball. Mentally, you want to be a good place that will help you realistically make a good attempt at what you visualize before your shot. You are making a hit with the ball that is more than just a chip, but with good strategy you can hit your 40-yard shot in no time. Here are some tips to help you.

Have Correct Setup behind the Ball

Have good setup position with the club aligned behind the ball while in the middle of your stance making a “T” at your feet. This helps you create a good swing angle and smooth rotation with your lead foot firmly in place. Good setup will help you have good control throughout the shot. You can find a various photos of this setup online to help you practice. Once you get into the setup position it will make it easier for you to concentrate on your shot.

Know Elements of Good Takeaway and Pivoting

For the takeaway you swing club on solid plane to help body positioning during pivot. The takeaway and pivot are two different elements but one helps you do the other. As you takeaway you complete a full swing but the club should still be in the air after following the plane it took to hit the ball. Your pivot helps you achieve balance as your weight shifts to make the shot. The pivot is set by your lead foot with your other leg being bent at the knee slightly while being elevated off the ground by the tip of your foot.

Have a Realistic Target in Mind Prior to Hitting the Ball

While many golfers look at the flag you shouldn’t consider just the flag as your target. There is plenty of area around the flag that seems more realistic. You should have a distance target in mind that helps you make a good shot on your first attempt. It gives you an idea of where to hit your ball. You can form a circle around the area you want the ball to land.