How To Carry Out The 30-Yard Bunker Shot

The techniques to play a greenside bunker are different from playing a bunker shot at 30 yards from the putting area. You need to make the following corrections:

  • Take an extra club
  • A sand wedge provides heavy bounce, which is not needed for such a close shot. You can carry a 9-iron for this shot because it has a lower loft. Alternatively, you can also take a gap wedge of 56 degrees. It will make the ball fly out of the bunker with a lower loft.

  • Open up the lesser stance
  • The stance and the clubface should be opened slightly lesser than normal.

  • Do not dig too deep
  • Do not dig your feet too deep in the sand like the way you do in greenside bunker. Slightly lesser leg action is required here. But, dig deep enough to make a decent base for the shot. By doing this, you will also get to know the depth of the sand. Now, you can decide accordingly, how much force you need to exert for this shot. You need to hit the ball off the front foot. The farther move you make from the ball, the lower will be the trajectory of the ball and it will run out more.

  • Make the U-shape
  • You do not need to make a V-shape swing here. Instead, make a less sharp U-shape swing here. Hit an inch behind the ball into the sand. The ball will ride out on sand but it will take a flight to the green because of the lesser loft of the club and the smoother swing. The biggest misconception about the sand bunkers is that you have to hit the golf ball first. If you want to pick the ball up, you need to hit from a little behind the ball.

    The swing path is responsible to makes the ball fly out high with maximum control. Regular practice is needed to judge the distances correctly and swing accordingly.

  • Follow through
  • You should follow through to stay longer on the bunker shots. If you decrease your speed or stop at the impact, it is not good at all. In a greenside bunker, you need to have a high follow through after a steep swing. Sand bunkers are also played in almost the same way.

    Sand bunker shots are some of the hardest shots in golf. But, if you know how to take these shot, you can definitely save a lower score. Follow the tips mentioned above and you can handle the bunkers from even 30 yards like a professional.