Top 5 tips for golf beginners

When you have made the choice to learn how to play golf, you will find that there are many levels and it is very challenging. There are many beginner tips that you must know before starting to play. While these basics appear simple, they are quite challenging and are typically easily forgotten when on the course and are therefore not relayed to the amateur golfer.

Golf Tip #1

How you approach the mental side of golf is just as important as the technicalities of the game. Any advice that you hear related to the mental side of golf should be included in your game. Staying focused and calm while on the course as well as having a lot of confidence in every shot you will play allows you to make your swing without rushing or hesitating.

Golf Tip #2

Learn how to play the game from an expert. People will tell you to hire a professional golfer to get lessons although this can get extremely expensive. This is actually the best and most effective way to both your faults and the game. You can also watch professional golfers on television or choose a DVD or online teaching series so you can study the game on your own time while saving you money.

Golf Tip #3

Think of the game from green to tee and not tee to green when practicing. The one club you use the most in any round of golf is the putter. When practicing, spend 50% of the time on the green chipping and putting, 30% hitting chip and pitch shots from less than 100 yards of the hole, and the other 20% of your time hitting the ball on the driving range. Your scores will begin to drop quickly and you will see greater improvements in your game.

Golf Tip #4

There is some physics involved in the game of golf. Speed and power is gained through centrifugal force by how wide your swing is and the distance between your body, the motor, and the head of the club. You need to swing your club slow and easy allowing your body time to get into the right position while following through with the swing. This also helps you to use the right muscles to generate that power so you can hit the ball as far as you need it to go.

Golf Tip #5

Enjoy the game of golf, even though this is a given. Why would you go to such extremes if you didn’t love the game, right? It’s unrealistic to play a perfect game of golf; you are going to make mistakes and you are going to hit bad shots. Don’t get angry; remember, it is about the love of the game. Love what you do and take on the challenge and you naturally get better and better as time goes on.