How to Play Golf Like a Pro: Mental Game Essentials

Most amateur golfers would love to hit the golf ball like the professional do. They seem to have perfect balance and incredible power in their swings, and the ball seems to go where they are aiming almost every time. While their swings are certainly worth admiring, it is actually the mental game where the average amateur player stands to learn the most from a pro. Just by copying a few mental game habits of the best players in the world, the average golfer could quickly improve their scores.

Consider the following three mental game tips to help you play better in your very next round –

  • One shot at a time. This is probably the most-frequently repeated piece of mental game advice, and for good reason. Taking your round one shot at a time – and focusing all of your attention only on the shot at hand – is the best way to improve your performance on the course. When you let your mind wander to shots that you have already hit, or shots that are coming later in the round, you take your attention away from the current shot. Golf is hard enough without trying to play while distracted. Do your best to focus a single shot at a time and you will see great results.
  • Be confident. It is hard to be confident when you are unsure of your game, but sometimes you just have to fake it until you really do build up a level of confidence in your ability. Once you decide what shot you are going to hit, give yourself a pep talk and commit fully to hitting a great shot. You aren’t always going to succeed, but you need to go into each shot believing in yourself.
  • Play your own game. Don’t let the golf course convince you to hit certain shots that you know are outside of your comfort zone. In order to play your best, you need to hit the shots that you have practiced and that you know you are capable of hitting well. Sometimes the course will set up perfectly for your shots, and other times you will have to aim away from the hole to find a safe place to land. Trying to hit a shot that you aren’t comfortable with usually ends badly, so stick to your game and find a way to make it work.