How Not To Overpay For Your First Golf Equipment

You see T.V. adverts all the time and they probably boast how good the golf equipment is. But in reality they don’t really deliver what they promised you. However, most people are still willing to pay premium prices and get nothing in return. Here are a few things showing you that you are in fact overpaying for your first golf equipment.

More distance

This is certainly a myth, as there is no new technology in increasing distance for your golf swing. Manufacturers only promise this because they have either de-lofted the club or lengthened the shaft. What I mean by de-loft is by reducing the loft angle on the club, so essentially the 7 iron is now a 6 iron and this creates the illusion of ‘hitting the ball’ longer. Lengthening the shaft increases the distance in theory, but it also makes striking it in the centre a lot more difficult.

If you are serious about getting more distance out of the golf club, it would be worth going to the gym and you should also be working on your swing. Equipment really doesn’t make much of a difference.

Less sidespin with the ‘new’ golf ball

Let’s face reality; this is again another theoretically impossible thing to achieve. The only factors affecting the sidespin of your golf ball will be the clubface angle and the swing path. Your golf ball has nothing to do with sidespin. If anything, this is just a lie created by manufacturers so that you would buy their products. But the good thing is, none of the major manufacturers have promised that so you don’t have to worry!

Tour players promoting it

On T.V. you see the tour players promote the clubs that they are using all the time. However, that doesn’t mean you should be using their equipment! These guys are so good that their equipment is specially formulated for them so that means they are not fit for you!

Moreover, the clubs that you find available to you are usually mass-produced so the quality isn’t great anyway. Don’t be affected by people promoting it; otherwise you are just overpaying for your equipment!

Now that you understand more about your equipment, would you still be willing to pay premium prices for it? I certainly hope not because it won’t help your game at all!