Some Original Putting Tips for Windy Conditions

When you head out to play a round of golf in windy conditions, putting is probably not the first thing you worry about. Instead, you are probably wondering how you are going to hit good shots off the tee and into the green with the wind blowing right in your face. While that is a challenge all its own, putting in the wind is more difficult than you might think. Wind can be a definite factor on the greens, so make sure to take it into consideration before you roll your first putt.

The tips below are designed to help you cope with the wind while putting and still get the ball to find the bottom of the hole as often as possible.

  • Widen your stance. You aren’t going to putt well if you are off balance, so play from a slightly wider stance to guard against the wind moving you around too much while you make your stroke. When you play from a wider stance, also adjust your grip on the club by moving your hands down an inch or so from the end of the grip. This will make the club play a little shorter, and help you to control it in the wind.
  • Don’t be aggressive downwind. Believe it or not, a strong wind can affect the roll of your ball on the putting green. Pay attention to which way the wind is blowing, and consider that when you are reading your putt – especially if you are putting downwind. Putts running in the same direction as the wind can get out of control quickly, and may run several feet past the hole even when you think you have hit a good putt. Respect the wind, and be careful not to give those downwind putts too much speed.
  • Take your time on short putts. When you have a putt of just a couple feet in length, don’t take it for granted like you might on a calm day. It is easier to miss the short ones when the wind is blowing you around, so slow down and make sure you are giving it your full attention. Mark the ball, clean it, go through your pre-putt routine, and knock it right into the hole. You can still make your short putts when the wind is blowing, but it might not be quite as easy as it would be otherwise.